Cooland 3Pack 3ft 6ft 10ft Nylon Braided USB Lightning Cables

How do all my lightning cables seem to disappear? I’ll tell you how….2 daughters. I feel like I need to budget lightning cables into my monthly budget since there’s always a shortage at my house. That’s why I love getting these 3 packs. This particular 3-pack is perfect for me personally because they come in 3 different sizes. There’s a 3-ft cord that I ulightning-cables-for-iphonese in my car. There’s a 6-ft cord that I use by my nightstand. And there’s a 10-ft cord that I donate to the “teenage daughter who can’t seem to stay off snap chat” cause. My child can drain a battery faster than I can say, “my child can drain a batte…” She loves the long cord because it gives her more freedom to move. I love the braided cable because it’s much more flexible than traditional cords. We both love the gold color. There’s a velcro strap connected to each one, so the cord can be wound up and secured with the velcro when it’s not in use. I received these cables free for testing and review.

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