CHUYI Gaming Mouse Professional LED Optical USB

Not much of a gamer here but since my son snatched my other corded mouse, I decided to get another one. This mouse is just my style and my favorite color – Red! It’s pretty cool how it lights up. I love that it has a braided cord because they are so much more flexible and less likely to tear up. It has six buttons on it, but I really only use the right and left buttons and the scroller. Since I’m not into games, I guess the other buttons are a little pointless for me. It’s really sleek and feels a little larger in my hand which I like because I don’t find myself gripping it as tightly (causing my hand to cramp up). Installation was extremely easy and straight forward – just plug and play. I’ve had no issues at all with my new mouse. I received this mouse free for testing and review.

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