Chubby Owl Bandana Bibs

The four pack bandana bibs by Chubby Owl are simply adorable. When I first saw the product page for them, I thought the patterns were cute, but they are so much sweeter in person. The colors are really rich, and the materials are nice and thick. I will say, however, that I wouldn’t personally consider them to all four be unisex patterns. There are two of the four that would work for a boy, but the others are really pretty girly.   Since I have sons, I just passed the others on to grateful girl moms.

Typically, my biggest complaint with bandana bibs is that they just ride up on the baby and get in the way. Both my boys hated them, and I always felt like they looked uncomfortable (think a loose bunched turtleneck). I was VERY surprised that neither of my sons even noticed these when I put them on. They fit much better than anything I had tried in the past, and they still maintained the full coverage that one might expect from the bandana style. Unlike others that I have tried, these are not cut just in a V shape. They actually have some straight length to them, which is the reason they don’t bunch around the neck. Good move, Chubby Owl.

I also appreciate that each bib has two size options (an adjustable snap). This makes them useful for both my toddler and my infant. They also get (more like stay) really soft after being washed.

Lastly, I will say that as far as absorbency goes, they are really nice and thick two-layer cloth bibs. These are good for small amounts of spit-up, drool, and even some eating messes, but I cannot see them working well for larger messes. A baby who spits up a lot will definitely saturate this thing. Also, I have known babies who drool buckets when they are teething, again, you would probably have to change these guys. Nevertheless, they are great for a cloth bib, and thicker than some terry cloth ones we have used.

Overall, I really like these bibs. I think they are so super cute, and I liked being able to gift a couple of them out. The gift box that they come in is also really well done. Just a whole pretty package.

*I have received these bibs for free. The above opinions, however, are my honest and unbiased thoughts on the product, and I am under no obligation to leave these statements.

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