Children’s Waterproof Backpack

When my children were toddlers, I never really thought about getting them their own little backpack. I guess it just wasn’t a “thing” back then. Now there are so many adorable
options when it comes to backpacks for toddlers. And, it’s such a great idea! Having their own bag makes them feel like a big kid, and they can tote around their favorite toys and snacks!

This monkey back pack is straight upmonkey-back-pack adorable. It has a waterproof canvas exterior and vinyl interior which makes it easy to wipe off and keep clean. There’s an extra big pocket on the front disguised as the monkey’s mouth and mesh pockets on each side that would be perfect to carry sippy cups or bottles. The inside has a zippered pocket as well. The straps are adjustable and can even be rearranged to turn it into an over-the-shoulder satchel. There’s also a little handle on top. One of the sweetest features about this bag is it has two stuffed arms that velcro together on the front to carry a stuffed animal or baby doll. It’s just too cute. I was lucky enough to get a free sample as part of their test market.

monkey-back-pack1 monkey-back-pack2

monkey-back-pack4 monkey-back-pack3

You can purchase this cutie patootie Monkey backpack HERE

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