Chicwe Womens Plus Size Zip Trim Legging Pants

I’ve not owned a pair of leggings in years. I guess I felt once I got past 40, leggings were just a part of my past. Then I saw these. How could I say no? They have zippered pockets! I immediately had 80’s nostalgia wash over me when I put these on. They are super comfortable. I wear a size 12, and that’s the size I ordered. They fit perfectly. I want a pair of these in every color! These look great with heels, flats, boots, canvas shoes – they really look great with anything! I can dress them up or dress them down – doesn’t matter. They’re great for any occasion. I just threw mine in the wash with my other clothes and even dried them in my dryer. They held their form perfectly and didn’t shrink. I highly recommend these leggings. I received these leggings free for testing and review.

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