Chef Essential 10 piece silicon cooking set

There is just something about good quality MATCHING kitchen utensils. It feels so grownup and put together. When I decided to get this set, I was pretty excited to see how it all looked in person.

Although the modern look is not really my kitchen style, I really do appreciate how sleek and simple this set looks. The handles are a brushed chrome look, and the utensil heads are curvy in form and very black in color. My only complaint on the look is that I have a strong dislike for logos placed conspicuously on any product. These have the Chef Essential name inscribed on the front of each utensil handle…really could have done without that.

Building on look, but getting into the usefulness of the product, I find the simple design aids in practicality. Cooking can be messy business, and I hate having to clean food out of utensil creases (like where a silicon head connects to a metal strip to a wood handle…) This set does have two mediums, but they are fitted together very well.

Other positive notes, the silicon holds up nice in the heat, and I didn’t notice the handles getting to hot either, although I tend to not keep them balanced on the pan for too long out of habit. They are nice and long, so that makes them comfortable to use even over high heat. The tongs are really heavy duty with comfort grips. They clamp together nicely, which matters when turning smaller food pieces.

A few more things that I don’t love: the glove, while an awesome concept, just fits so loosely on my smaller hand. It makes it kind of awkward. Nevertheless, I do like the fingers better than a full mitt. Lastly, I just really prefer metal whisks. Silicon whisk tend to bend too much when working with anything that has any thickness. They are easier to clean though, so that does up its value in my book.

Overall, this is a nice and inexpensive cooking set. Great for someone needing to stock a kitchen for the first time…or just feel grownup and put together.

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*I received this item at a discounted rate. The above remarks, however, are my own honest and unbiased opinions.

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