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Oh, phone mount….I do so wish I could love you more. I’m not a huge fan of this phone mount. I had a difficult time getting it to fit in my cigarette lighter. There’s a rubbery piece on the plug-in that I think is there to stabilize it and keep it from coming out. That’s what made it so hard to get it in. The arm of the mount isn’t really long enough for my car. I can’t get it to stand up properly, so it keeps wanting to fall down in front of my gear shift (not too safe). Assembly was a little tricky, but I eventually figured it out. I do like that I can adjust it to hold different sized phones. The gripper of the phone is really nice. It keeps my phone in place – safe from slipping out into the floorboard. I think because of where my cigarette lighters are located that maybe it’s just not a good match for my car. I drive an Impala and the cigarette lighters are inside a cubby in the lower front dash. If my cigarette lighter was somewhere else on my car, I think this phone mount would work much better. I received this phone mount free for testing and review.

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