BuySShow 5x Magnification LED Light Makeup Mirror

Every woman and girl needs a make-up mirror. I am so impressed with this little mirror. It’s great because it has the LED lighting, so I can make sure that my make up is applied evenly. It also works great because you can flip the mirror over and it has a magnified side which comes in handy when I’m trying to pluck my eyebrows or deal with annoying blemishes. The frame of the mirror is hard plastic, and the base is pretty wide – so it can’t be knocked over too easily. The mirror requires 3 AA batteries. When I first placed the batteries inside, the light didn’t come on at first. I reopened the battery case and pushed them in a bit harder and rotated them. The light did come on after that. I’m not sure if it was my batteries or the light. Either way, I got it working, and I’m so glad. I’m not sure how I ever managed without it! I think this is a great product! I received this product free for testing and review.

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