Brandobay Magnetic Kitchen Clips

Kitchen clips are one of those things I never think about until the moment I need one. In general, they are not typically a huge financially investment, but I still hate spending money on them. When I had a chance to try out the Brandobay kitchen clips at a discounted rate, I thought it was a great opportunity to stock up.

The small magnetic clips that I received came in red, yellow and blue just like the product page shows. They are not at all what I would consider to be heavy duty, but they have a nice tight spring for holding a bag closed. The magnets on the back are fine for storage purposes (sticking the empty clip to the fridge), but they aren’t great for holding much up. Think a single piece of thicker art paper or a couple of sheets of notebook paper. That is fine in most cases, but I tend to use the clips to hold stuff up on the fridge as much as, if not more than, I use them for closing bags. I would prefer a stronger magnet.

I also think that the plastic of the clips feels like kind of cheap. Someone in our house with inevitably drop the clips onto the tiled kitchen floor. I foresee them breaking in no time. I have not had them quite long enough to know, but it really won’t surprise me when/if it happens.

Truthfully, this is a fine product for its intended use. As previously mentioned, the springs are nice and tight, and they do store nicely on the fridge. If you are wanting a great deal, I’d buy them on sale.

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*I have received this product at a discounted rate. The statements above are my honest and unbiased opinions.

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