Bluetooth Earpiece,SHareconn Wireless V4.0 Headset

I’ve had difficulty hearing for what seems most of my life. It’s even worse when I’m talking on my cell phone. I was super excited to receive my earpiece to see if that would help any. It most certainly did! This ear piece was super easy to pair up with my iPhone 5, and it’s very comfortable. I wear it when I’m driving most of the time, and sometimes I forget I even have it on. The sound is very clear. I love that it has the volume controls on the earpiece. My callers can hear me with much clarity. I really like that the charging port is on the bottom of the earpiece. It’s easier to plug in there. It didn’t take long at all to charge. Although, the first time I used it, I let it charge just over an hour to make sure it would work properly. It holds charge extremely well also. I usually just put it on the charger at night, and I never have to worry about a dropped call the next day. It came with a little bag to keep it protected when I’m not using it. It even came with extra earbuds! This is a high quality earpiece. I’m so glad I have one now. I received this product free for testing and review.

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