Blue Key World Cable Clips

The Blue Key World cable clips have saved me from pulling my hair out dozens of times over the last few weeks. I never knew how much I would appreciate this product until the clips were in use around our house.

Every night, while rocking my baby to sleep, I get the urge to read on my phone. It never fails that the charger cord for my phone has fallen just out of my reach, and I am stuck either nudging my sleeping kid awake or hoping that my battery doesn’t die too quickly. Another struggle is the ever-falling baby monitor cord that I have to constantly reach behind the couch or chair to find. Honestly, I just thought this was my plot in life…but I was mistaken! These cable clips have been really convenient in keeping cords right where I need them. Additionally, they keep them from getting all tangled up and twisted, which relieves yet another daily annoyance.

They are rather small, about the width of a quarter, which I like because they aren’t really an eyesore on the side of a dresser or cabinet. Nevertheless, they do seem to hold a couple of smaller cords without any problem. In fact, one of the only struggles I have had with the clips is that a single cord can slip right through if not laid careful over the clip side (then you are back to the reaching game again). Once I got into the habit of overlapping the cord on the side of the clip, it hasn’t really been an issue.

Another noteworthy detail is that they do stick really well on flat cabinetry. I haven’t tried porous walls or anything with too much texture, but if you need something for a TV stand, nightstand, desk, etc., than these are great for you. I also have yet to pull one off, so I am not sure what sort of residue or damage is left behind, but I can imagine damages would be minimal. I can’t, however, say with any certainty.

These are a very helpful product.

41lyezfshgl*I have received this product for a discounted price. This review has been written by my own free will, and it includes my honest and unbiased opinions.

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