BIBNice Mens Cotton Breathe Underwear Briefs

From day one, I’ve never known my fiance to wear anything but boxers. That’s just what he’s most comfortable in. I thought I’d shake things up a bit and give him these briefs – just to see if he liked how they fit (but really I just wanted to see him in them). He like the feel of the material and that they were “breathable.” The size was true to fit. He wears a size 34 in pants, and the size large fit him great. We didn’t take any special care in washing them. We simply tossed them in the wash with his other clothes and dried them in the dryer. They seem to hold up well. He’s probably not going to wear these everyday, but I’m sure I can talk him into wearing them once in a blue moon. I received these briefs free for testing and review.

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