Baby Boys Bowtie Gentleman Romper Jumpsuit

This romper is one of the most adorable outfits ever! I’m so tickled with it. The material is very soft, so it’s not uncomfortable at all. My grandson turns 2 in a month. I bought him the 18-24 months, and it fits him perfectly, The straps are a little long, so I just criss-crossed them to make them fit tighter. It didn’t matter because he wasn’t going to have it anyway, so the straps ended up hanging by his side. The bow tie is sewn on so I don’t have to worry about him taking it off and losing it. It doesn’t fit tightly around the neck, which only adds to the comfort. The shirt is soft cotton, and the bottoms are a lightweight material. The romper also has snaps on the bottom which makes it easy to change his diaper. Oh, and it has pockets so he can hide his little hot wheels cars in his pockets. All in all, this outfit is one of the best additions we’ve made to his wardrobe.

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