Artic(tm) Espresso Cups Set Stackable

I can’t “espresso” how glad I am that I got this set! (oh yes, I did.) It’s really a fun way to enjoy my shot of daily caffiene. I was impressed by how well this set was package in a tight-fitting styrofoam enclosure. Each plate was protected with carboard inserts, and the cups were safe in their foam sheets. The cups are the perfect size and have the cutest, colorful handles. I appreciate that they made the handles of the cups large enough that I don’t touch the hot cup while I’m holding it. I think the saucer’s design is fantastic because it holds your cup securely in place while serving, and the beveled edge helps avoid spillage. My favorite part of this set is the metal frame that stores the cups and saucers. It’s such a space-saver and matches my paper towel holder perfectly!

Purchase your adorable espresso set here HERE

I recieved this espresso set free for testing and review.

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