Anti Grinding Teeth Custom Moldable Dental Night Guard

I’ve suffered for years from grinding my teeth in my sleep. Sometimes it’s not the grinding, just constantly biting down on them. I am definitely finding some relief with my new mouth guard. It’s very important to read and follow the instructions. From what I understand, you shouldn’t wear these if you don’t mold them to your teeth. You don’t have to just use them for grinding your teeth. You can also use them for teeth whitening (the whitening ingredients are not included) and as a mouth guard for sports. I will say that this was a very involved process to get them molded to my teeth. I did not realize it would be so much work. I was very nervous during the process that I would do something to mess my guards up. Luckily, I took my time and everything ended being just fine. That’s my biggest advice. Take your time and read those instructions thoroughly. I’m glad I did. Now I have a more enjoyable night’s sleep. I received these mouth guards free for testing and review.

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