Airfox MS001 LED Backlit USB Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Is it cheating on my fiance if I’m in love with this keyboard? Because, I am! I’m not sure why, but because of the louder clicks that I hear from this keyboard – I swear, I type faster. The raised keys actually help me to type more accurately. Of course, the coolest feature is keyboard2

the LED lit characters. I don’t look at my fingers as I type, but it’s still cool as heck to see the keyboard all lit up. Another added benefit is that it has a number pad. I don’t think I could use a keyboard without one. This is the first gaming keyboard that I’ve owned, and I’ve obviously been missing out. The bottom of the keyboard has four rubber feet to keep it from sliding. It does not have legs to angle the keyboard. I normally keep my keyboard at an angle, but with these raised keys, it doesn’t feel necessary. This bad boy is just plug and play. I really do love it and highly recommend it. I received this keyboard free for testing and review.

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