Ybm Home & Kitchen Adjustable Deluxe 4-leg Steel Mesh Top Heavy Duty Ironing Board

I think one of the most valuable (no pun intended) lessons that I’ve learned growing older is that yoironging-board-lever-closeupu get what you pay for. As a young adult, I bought an ironing board because I needed one and it was cheap. Luckily it lasted throughout the years, but I honestly should’ve thrown it away years ago. Every time I ironed, you could see the outline of the wire mesh on my clothing.

Fast forward 20 years, I got a new ironing board! This new ironing board is truly a gem. Not only is it sturdy and easily maneuvered, but it’s also gorgeous! I am in love with the bright blue color of the liner, and the beautiful art on top is just great. It brightens up my whole room. There arironing-board-iron-holdere rubber-type feet to keep it from sliding, and they protect my floor. This sweet ironing board is adjustable
. It’s so easy to adjust. Simply lift up on the lever and set the ironing board to your desired height. It keeps my iron securely in place so that I don’t have to worry about my grandson pulling it off. The iron even kind of “locks” on the iron tray if you place the lip of the iron under the metal opening – great idea. The padding is nice and thick, so no more wire mesh outlines on my clothes! I do love this new ironing board, and I highly recommend it. I got this ironing board at a discounted price for testing and review.














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