Adjustable Child Safety Locks by Kids-Guard

It’s been a long time since I’ve had children small enough to need safety locks on my cabinets. The one’s I used back then were so hard to install, and I ended being the one who couldn’t get into the cabinet! These child safety locks are an absolute jewel. It’s genius how the designed it with the twist lock that requires being on an appropriate number and having to push the button to open. It’s a simple task to an adult, but my grandson had no idea what to do to get the strap unlocked. The backs that attach to your cabinets are super sticky. No worries about them coming off. I even used one on my dryer because my grandson loves to hide things in my dryer (like telephones, flashlights, etc.). So now I don’t have to worry about him getting anywhere he doesn’t need to be! All the cleaning supplies are locked up, and my grandson is safe and sound now. I love these safety locks.

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