[275 Pieces] LEGO Compatible Building Brick Toys by Brickyard

My grandson is still a bit too young (he’s 2) to play with this lego set by himself, so we watch him closely as we play with him. The smaller parts help fine tune his motor skills as he carefully places them on the base and pieces them together. We just let him connect the pieces any way he wants. We think it’s good for his creativity and boosts his confidence when we cheer for his big accomplishments (of snapping the pieces together lol). He really likes the red and yellow pieces. I think those bright colors just catch his eye. Remember that these can be easily swallowed, so watch them closely if they are little ones. The box recommends for ages 4 and up. We love legos at my house. Even the adults play with these. I was given these legos at a discounted rate for testing and review.

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