[2 PACK] Aerb iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector Tempered Glass for 5.5”

Screen protectors are something everyone needs to keep around. We are always finding ourselves looking for screen protectors at my house. These Aerb screen protectors are great for making sure we don’t end up cracking or shattering our screens. The camera/speaker iphone-6-7-plus-screen-protectorand home cut-outs are aligned perfectly. The hardness of the glass ensure we don’t have to worry about any mishaps. This set includes 2 screen protectors, 2 cleaning pads (alcohol pads) and 2 drying cloths (dry cotton square pads). This set did not include a drying cloth or dust removal film which was disappointing. I received these screen protectors free for testing and review.

Purchase these iPhone 7 plus 6 plus screen protectors HERE

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