2.4G Wireless Mouse, Tech2016

This is a pretty slick wireless mouse. I’ve bought numerous wireless mice at the local shopping center for around this price, and they’ve all been short-lived, not user-friendly, battery-sucking pieces of junk. I could spend more money and buy a more expensive mouse, but who’s to say I won’t end up with a cheaply made product again? Thus far, that’s not been the case with this mouse. It was super easy to install – just plug and play. It’s super cool that it’s so quiet. I can barely hear it click. My hand rests comfortably on it which is good for my carpal tunnel. Haven’t had any issues with the scroller either. One of my favorite features is that it hibernates when it’s not in use, so I don’t waste my battery. Keep in mind that this mouse doesn’t have an infrared light. I thought mine didn’t work at first because I didn’t see the red light. That wasn’t the case. It simply doesn’t need the light to function properly. I was given this mouse free for testing and review.

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