10×25 Portable High Definition Full Coated Optics with Blue Film Binoculars

Binoculars are often something I wished that I had but never thought to buy (until I needed them.) These binoculars are most welcomed at my house! My fiance used them this very weekend when he attended the Battle at Bristol. His seat was one of the furthest away from the field. He said when the game was about to start, he looked through the binoculars and could clearly see Peyton Manning walking onto the field for the coin toss. He told his daughter, “Peyton Manning’s about to do the coin toss.” Seconds later, they announced it binocularover the loudspeakers. That’s pretty impressive range! These binoculars are very nice as they have adjustable focus settings and are so compact. They also came with a lens cleaning cloth and a case (that can be secured onto a belt). Ours even came with a handy paracord bracelet. We’re highly impressed with these binoculars. I received these binoculars at a discounted price for testing and review.

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