100 LED UV Blacklight Pet Urine Detector Finder

So, I have a puppy that sometimes acts out when mommy or daddy leaves. By acting out, I mean she potties in the floor on the carpet or rug. This little flashlight is fantastic to find those stubborn spots that’s not so visible once they start drying. You can even take it to a hotel room and scan the bed to see if you see any bed bugs (presumably). I’ve never tried that, so I can’t tell you personally if that works or not. It’s definitely handy to have if you have pets. You’d be surprised how many stains you have that you didn’t even realize! This flashlight is really lightweight too. I like the design with the large end, so you definitely get plenty of light. It requires 6AA batteries (that were not included). I’m sure to get tons of use from this flashlight.

Purchase this great UV Black Light Flashlight HERE

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