Messenger Bag – Perfect gift for college students and grads!

I wanted this bag for my son who’s pursuing an IT career and is in his second year of college. I thought it would be perfect for him to carry his books or laptop in. I was ecstatic when I opened my package to reveal such a simple but classy bag. The genuine leather flap and bottom marries perfectly with the canvas body. I love how one material makes the other stand out. The adjustable/removable shoulder strap makes for a perfect fit. It also has a carrying handle.The flap can snap or fasten, but it’s easier to use the snaps. I like the divider on the inside, so he can keep his computer on one side of the bag and his school papers on the other side. There’s also pockets sewn into one side to carry things like pens, glasses, highlighters, etc. It’s nice that they added a velcro strap inside to secure your laptop. There’s also a zipper pocket on the inside to keep smaller things in place. I’m glad they added a zipper on top, so you don’t just have to rely on the flap to keep your items inside. There’s even a leather pull on the zipper – just another touch of class in my book. It has a full length pocket with snaps on the back of the bag for extra storage. There’s an After-Sale service card that states it comes with a warranty. I’m attaching a pic so you can read those details for yourself. I’m sure my son will be able to use this for years to come. I’m super pleased with this gift for my son!


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