iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus Battery case

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This case fits my daughter’s iPhone 6 plus phone. She was super stoked when we received it. She’s 17 and her life revolves around friends and Snapchat. She runs her battery down faster than anyone I’ve seen. She went to the lake with her friends the other day after letting the case charge overnight. She said that her phone was at 20%, and she turned on her battery case and it charged her phone fully back up. Not only that, but she let her friend use it who had less than 50% on her phone, and it charged her phone fully as well. That’s pretty powerful. There’s only a couple of downfalls. The case makes your phone much thicker and heavier. It’s not something I’d want on my phone all the time – just when I need it. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind that it’s heavier. She said it kind of makes it more secure when she carries it in her pocket. You definitely want to make sure you’re using a screen protector because if this phone falls to the floor in this case, your screen would almost definitely be history – I would guess, anyway. It’s nice having that extra sense of security when my daughter is away, though. I don’t have to worry about her getting stranded out somewhere with a dead cell phone!

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